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Is it time to talk to a lawyer? Schedule your free consultation.
Is it time to talk to a lawyer? Schedule your free consultation.
You don't have to just pay the ticket.
Many people pay a ticket, assuming that there is nothing you can do to challenge the officer in court. This is not true. I can help you fight your ticket, explaining the situation to the judge, the prosecutor, and the police and very often can get tickets dismissed or reduced to charges which will not risk suspending your drivers' license or raising your insurance rates. The first step is to contact me for a free consultation.
Pleading Not Guilty is just refusing to give up.
Often, people go to court to challenge the ticket, but then plead guilty anyway. This is often the wrong thing to . Even if you did break the traffic laws, pleading guilty means that you are giving up your opportunity to challenge the charges against you. I can help you fight your ticket in court and protect your license and insurance.
A traffic ticket can suspend your license.
For some offenses, such as Driving With a Suspended License or Driving Without Insurance, if you are found guilty your license will automatically be suspended for 120 days. The best way to avoid a suspension is to get the advice of an attorney. I can help you by asking the court to amend the charges against you to make sure that you can keep your license.
A traffic ticket can raise your insurance premiums.
Unfortunately for their customers, insurance companies keep track of the "points" which drivers get when they plead guilty to traffic offenses, and often respond by dramatically increasing their rates. I can help you avoid this by keeping you from admitting to anything that would be reported to Drivers' Services, your insurance company, or raise your rates. I can help you save your insurance rates.
Georgia's Super-Speeder Law adds an additional $200 to the court's fine.
If you are convicted of speeding at 75 mph or higher on any two-lane road or 85 mph or higher anywhere in Georgia, you will be charged a $200 "Super Speeder" fine by the state in addition to the fines and fees the court charges. If you do not pay this Super Speeder fine, your license will be suspended. I can help you avoid paying the Super Speeder fine by convincing the court to reduce your speed below the Super Speeder limit.
If you are under 21, a traffic ticket is serious business.
For drivers under 21, even a single speeding ticket can suspend your license for a period of up to a year. If you are under 21 and get a ticket, it might be time to talk to a lawyer.
Defend your rights. Protect your freedom. Talk to a lawyer.
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