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Is it time to talk to a lawyer? Schedule your free consultation.
Is it time to talk to a lawyer? Schedule your free consultation.
No criminal charge, even a misdeameanor, is a minor matter.
While a misdemeanor charge is less serious than a felony, it is still a very big deal. A conviction could mean up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine for each charge the State brings against you. A conviction becomes a permanent part of your criminal history, and will follow you every time you apply for a a job. When you face criminal charges, your life is in your hands. You shouldn't have to face them alone.
A good lawyer can mean the difference between going home and going to jail.
The criminal justice system is complicated and confusing. If you go to court alone, the judge and the clerks cannot explain what is happening to you by giving you legal advice. Only your lawyer can do that. Only your lawyer can help you understand what you are facing, help you make the best decisions for yourself, and help you get out of the bind you are in.
Defend your rights. Protect your freedom. Talk to a lawyer.
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can affect you, read the FAQ section.
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